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OK. This instance is toaster-pastry. I've dug as deeply as I know how, and unless someone has suggestions as to how to recover in the next couple days I'll scrap it and either try my hand at Pleroma or simply let somebody else do the work and switch to a server I don't run :)

OK, well, the federated timeline still appears to be busted. Once I got the site back online yesterday after the upgrade the world stopped as far as amicable.feoh.org is concerned.

I am beginning to question the wisdom of running my own Mastodon instance. I'd like to think I have a fair set of technical chops, but a Ruby On Rails/Redis/Sidekiq guy I am not.

Hi everyone! Upgraded the instance to 2.4.3 and there was some downtime as a result but we're back :)

Hi all. My instance had become a hive of spammers. I've installed a blacklist now and that seems to have quieted things down. I also suspended all accounts besides mine and the one other human I know joined - @dragondon. If you can read this and are a human ping me and I'll re-instate you :)

Been struggling to keep my insurance spam free? This is starting to be unfun. Akismet/SpamAsassin for Mastodon anyone?

Any folks know what if anything replaced Bonobo for automating applications?

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Hi there @witchescauldron ! I got a ton of spam accounts claiming to come from your domain joining my instance. I'd prefer not to block your domain. Have you solved your problem? Thanks!

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Just discovered the Temporary Containers extension for #Firefox. It's really good for reading #Medium, because it resets your 3 free articles count every time you visit. It's also the missing piece for completely isolating troublesome sites like #Google and #Facebook. You can create "always load in" regular permanent containers for those sites, and then use this extension to configure outgoing links to always open in temporary containers.


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kind of amusing to see my more normal/mainstream friends up in arms about their postings being censored on facebook. it's not as though I and anyone else with something worth saying had been complaining of that to deaf ears for several years or anything...

"1st they came for the communists, and I did not speak out, because I was not a communist. then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out, because... then they came for me, and there was no one left to speak for me.

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if you thought fedi political discourse was bad

i just ran into some on facebook and i don't want to be awake anymore
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the good thing about having a job is coming home for the day and being able to do nothing other than watch cartoons

the bad thing about having a job is coming home for the day and being able to do nothing other than watch cartoons

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Argh. ANyone know a good simple way to make a function wait for a promise to finish, in javascript? :/

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I hold Bandcamp in particular in really high esteem, I love almost everything they do with their platform.

Their app is great, they have some of the best regular music writing on the internet, Bandcamp weekly is probably the best weekly music show out there, and the model of "Stream until you OUGHT to buy" is 👌

Thinking about the Alienware 17 R5 to run and occasionally Windows. Anybody have any experience with this or similar laptop?

Best 17″ PC laptop for in the < 3k range? Screen quality matters. Suggestions? Being able to do a decent job posting Windows games would be a nice bonus.

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